​Three new startups planned, based on Ohio State research

Three faculty-led teams from The Ohio State University have decided to create startup companies based on research they have developed at the university. The teams made the decision after successfully completing the 2016 I-Corps@Ohio program. The seven-week program aims to help selected faculty and student teams determine if their intellectual property – such as a new technology – could be the basis of a startup company.

The Ohio State teams were among 23 selected from 12 universities and other institutions in the state to participate in the second round of the program.

I-Corps@Ohio is modeled after a similar program launched by the National Science Foundation in 2012. It is funded and supported by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

During the program, which was held this summer in Columbus, the faculty and student teams worked with mentors and other instructors to develop their ideas and determine if they were commercially feasible.