AEP-Ohio Officials Visit Ohio State, Discuss Energy Research

The Ohio State University hosted AEP-Ohio President Julie Sloat to campus on Thursday, Jan. 12, to exchange information on important energy research currently underway and discuss collaborative opportunities such as the Smart Columbus program. AEP and Ohio State have a long history of association as partners in research studies as well as community outreach and improvement projects, and AEP hires a significant number of Ohio State students for internships and full-time positions throughout the company.

Sloat, with AEP-Ohio colleagues Karen Sloneker and Mark Gundelfinger, learned details on Ohio State research in areas including coal combustion byproducts; chemical looping for clean energy production; high-performance power electronics; the electric grid; energy storage; and Ohio State’s involvement with the “Smart Columbus” innovative technologies for mobility project.

College of Engineering Dean David Williams welcomed Sloat with an overview of recent partnership successes. Office of Energy and Environment director Kate Bartter coordinated the visit and the faculty research presentations, including:

  • Tarunjit Butalia, Research Assoc. Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, Coal Combustion Byproduct Work
  • Andrew Tong, Research Asst. Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemical Looping
  • Longya Xu, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Center for High Performance Power Electronics (CHPPE)
  • Ramteen Sioshansi, Assoc. Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering, Electricity Grid of the Future
  • Jay Sayre, Asst. Vice President, Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability Program, Energy Storage Hub Development on Campus
  • Maryn Weimer, Senior Assoc. Director, Center for Automotive Research, Smart Columbus Project