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Carmakers, researchers on alert as Trump plans review of fuel standards

The Columbus Dispatch

April 30, 2017

Addressing Michigan auto workers last month, President Donald Trump won applause when he said he would consider changing fuel-economy standards for new cars and trucks.
For auto researchers, such as those at Ohio State University, the reaction stopped short of celebration.

Featured experts: Giorgio Rizzoni, director of the Center for Automotive Research, and Greg Jankord, Ph.D student in mechanical engineering and EcoCar team member

OSU Researchers Discover Food Waste Perfect for Filling Tires

The News Wheel

April 29, 2017

The universal law that opposites attract has been proven once again by researchers from The Ohio State University (OSU) who have discovered that organic material and car tires make quite the pair.

Featured expert: Katrina Cornish, Ohio Research Scholar and Endowed Chair in Biomaterials

New Ohio State transit hubs, parking spots taking shape as Cannon Drive construction nears

Business First

April 26, 2017

Changes are coming to Ohio State University’s transportation system in advance of a major shifting of one of its main roads. New transit hubs and additional parking spots on west campus are among the new developments planned for the straightening and rising of Cannon Drive in September.

Caroline C. Whitacre, Ph.D.: U.S. investment in research leads to innovations

The Columbus Dispatch (op-ed)

April 26, 2017

Members of Congress returned to Washington this week with a dilemma: Reach an agreement on funding the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year or risk a government shutdown. While the potential for a short-term funding resolution is possible, the negotiations and decisions made this week about how to prioritize federal spending are likely a harbinger of what is to come when Congress quickly shifts its focus to next year’s budget. As such, the implications of these funding decisions could have an impact on our nation for years to come.

Featured expert: column author Caroline Whitacre, senior vice president for research and professor in the Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity

OSU students tell bike-rental stations where to go

ThisWeek Community News

April 25, 2017

A group of graduate and undergraduate students in the city and regional planning program of Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture last week offered their recommendations for expanding the CoGo bike-sharing system.

… “I’m extremely proud of the work the students have done this semester,” Chad D. Gibson, lecturer for the program and a senior planning officer in Upper Arlington’s Community Development Department, said at the outset of the April 18 presentation at Knowlton Hall.

On Central Ohio Visit, Secretary Chao Tours The Future Of Transportation


April 24, 2017

An hour northwest of Columbus, the 4500-acre Transportation Research Center in East Liberty is racing to develop the latest vehicle technologies. And Monday it welcomed an important visitor to show off its advancements: U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

… Phase one of the project costs $45 million and will be completed in three years. Money from state funds, Jobs Ohio and The Ohio State University are making it possible.

Time-lapse photos show just how quickly the world's glaciers are disappearing

Popular Science

April 22, 2017

… That's what a new report from the Geological Society of America is trying to convey. In an article titled Savor the Cryosphere, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University and the nonprofit organization the Extreme Ice Survey have attempted to document and convey, through stunning time-lapse photography, videos, and multimedia, the scale of glacial demise and the gravity of what we're losing.

New York International Auto Show Features World's Fastest Electric Car


April 14, 2017

The world's fastest electric car is on display at the New York International Auto Show, and it's helping to teach kids what's possible.
Parked in the yard of the Village Community School, students are getting first-hand lessons in the technology, design and potential of the Buckeye Bullet 3, the world's fastest electric car.
Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research has teamed with Venturi Automobile, a European electric car manufacturer, to develop the Buckeye Bullet.

Engie hoping Ohio State deal first of many U.S. energy contracts

Business First

April 14, 2017

Ohio State University could be the first domino to fall for a French energy company that wants to manage energy for institutions across the U.S. Engie SA and a partner last week won rights to run the university’s heating, power and cooling systems for 50 years. It will pay $1.17 billion, most of it up front, for the contract. Engie executives think that if the company can prove itself, the deal could pay off many times over. They view the agreement as the start of a long-term effort to entice cities, colleges, school districts and hospitals in America to follow in Ohio State’s footsteps.

Ohio State University endowment reaps $1 billion for 50-year energy contract

Chief Investment Officer

April 14, 2017

Ohio State University’s board of trustees has approved a 50-year agreement with Ohio State Energy Partners that will contribute an upfront payment of $1.015 billion to the university’s endowment. It is the largest single investment to date toward Ohio State’s academic mission. Ohio State Energy Partners, which is comprised of energy company ENGIE North America and investment firm Axium Infrastructure, will operate the systems that power, heat, and cool the university’s Columbus campus. It will also install energy conservation measures throughout the campus to meet the university’s sustainability goals.

Engie, Axium win energy management contract with Ohio State

University Business

April 13, 2017

Energy business management firm Engie North America and Axium Infrastructure have been awarded a $1.165 billion comprehensive energy management contract by the Ohio State University.

Under the 50-year concession, the two companies will help address the university’s energy sustainability goals for its 485-building campus in Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio State's new energy company could build 60-megawatt natural gas power plant on campus

Business First

April 13, 2017

A new natural-gas power plant could come to Ohio State University’s campus as part of its new energy management deal.

Engie, the energy company that last week won the leasing rights to Ohio State’s energy for the next 50 years, could build a 60-megawatt facility in between Ohio Stadium and the McCracken power plant.

Sudden Impact

FF Journal

April 13, 2017

A new welding technique joins temperamental high-strength alloys without changing their base properties. The technique holds promise for automakers looking for advanced high-strength steels to help them tackle multi-material vehicle designs and lightweighting challenges. The sustainable metals pair exceptional strength with reduced mass, are affordable, crash resistant and can add muscle to thin-gauge or fatigue-sensitive parts.

Featured experts: Glenn Daehn, professor of materials science and engineering and Anupam Vivek, research scientist

Ohio State University Provost Bruce McPheron discusses Comprehensive Energy Management Plan


April 12, 2017

Adding power to the value of trees


April 12, 2017

The shade from trees reliably cools humans and the environment in which they live. Researchers are now trying to show how the energy savings of this ecosystem service can be measured.

Featured expert: Bhavik Bakshi, professor of chemical engineering

Want to Hawk Coffee on Campus? Not Without Internships and Background on the Beans

Wall Street Journal

April 11, 2017

Companies often pay colleges for the right to sell sweatshirts or pour coffee on campus.

Now, schools are increasingly looking to leverage those deals into internship slots, sponsorships for food pantries and other projects. ...

Trustees at Ohio State University last week approved a $1.17 billion contract with French energy company ENGIE covering the campus’s heating, cooling and power systems under a 50-year lease of the university’s assets, while improving energy efficiency. Included in that price tag is a dedicated $25 million company-funded endowment for student financial aid, $9.5 million to support five faculty positions and $5 million for at least 10 paid internships a year.

Smart meters coming campus-wide at Ohio State as part of energy deal

Business First

April 10, 2017

The entire Ohio State University campus will be outfitted with smart meters as part of the 50-year agreement the university just inked to privatize its energy operations.

Some buildings already have the meters that provide real-time data about energy usage. But the contract requires an expansion to outfit every building on the Columbus campus.

Automakers worried federal tax credits may end for plug-ins

The Columbus Dispatch

April 8, 2017

If federal tax credits for plug-in electric vehicles come to an end, get ready for a sales implosion.

This is the conclusion of Edmunds.com analysts who point to the impending end of a $7,500 credit, and say automakers and elected officials need to be ready for what likely will follow.

Featured expert: Giorgio Rizzoni, director of the Center for Automotive Research

Ohio State’s big, complicated energy deal explained

Columbus Dispatch

April 7, 2017

The $1.1 billion energy deal approved by an Ohio State University Board of Trustees committee on Thursday and up for a vote before the whole board today is big, unusual and complicated. The parties are OSU and Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP), made up of the French energy company ENGIE and a Canadian investment firm called Axium Infrastructure. Ohio State explains the deal.

Ohio State’s Endowment Gets $1 Billion with Campus Energy Deal


April 7, 2017

Ohio State University’s endowment will jump 25 percent in size with a $1 billion payment from two companies that will lease the school’s energy assets for 50 years.

The school’s board of trustees on Friday approved a public-private partnership with French company Engie SA and Montreal-based Axium Infrastructure Inc. to run and manage its energy and electricity systems in exchange for annual payments expected to exceed $54 million.

…“Like many universities, we have an interest in sustaining and using our energy resources in an efficient and also responsible way,” Michael Drake, the school’s president, said in an interview.

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