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What You Need to Know About Trump’s Proposed Climate Cuts

Proposed reductions in environmental and scientific agencies could have big impacts, from the Great Lakes to public health. Here’s what it means.

National Geographic

March 11, 2017

Featured expert: Jeffrey Reutter, adjunct assistant professor and former head of Ohio Sea Grant

Making Tire Filler From Eggshells

Researchers at the Ohio State University hope to gain traction for the idea of mixing carbon black with food waste to produce rubber that meets safety standards

The Wall Street Journal

March 10, 2017

Featured expert: Katrina Cornish, an Ohio Research Scholar and Endowed Chair in Biomaterials

Video: Scientists Test Tire Filler Made From Food Waste

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Lightweighting Goes Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit


March 2, 2017

Automakers, suppliers and researchers are reaching beyond the low-hanging fruit when it comes to making vehicles lighter.

For example, Ohio State University is studying “civilized explosive welding.” Essentially, a thunderbolt rams one material into another to create a welded joint.

The technology is intended as a way to join dissimilar materials and avoid corrosion. “It’s an early stage technology we’re committed to,” Glenn Daehn, professor of metallurgical engineering, said last week at the Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit in Detroit.

Ohio State study: Global teamwork on scientific research growing

The Columbus Dispatch

February 26, 2017

When soil scientist Rattan Lal says his work is global, he means it.

Lal, who was born in India, did much of his early research in Australia and Nigeria. As a professor of soil physics at Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources, he now leads an independent international scientific union headquartered in Austria and regularly takes part in video conference calls with colleagues in Brazil and Germany.

Antarctic ice crack could cause big rise in sea level

New York Post

February 24, 2017

A massive crack in an Antarctic ice shelf — 110 miles long and 1,500 feet wide — appears set to create a gigantic iceberg larger than Rhode Island, potentially leaving an “unstable configuration,” according to researchers.

Featured expert: Ian Howatt, professor of geography

Money, resources pouring in to Smart Columbus transportation program

The Columbus Dispatch

February 23, 2017

Turning Columbus into the epicenter of intelligent-transportation testing won't come cheap.

Columbus has gathered an additional $277 million in local matching resources for its Smart Columbus program since winning a federal grant last summer.

…Another $93.7 million is in the form of research, more than half of which will come from Ohio State University.

About $27.7 million is in cash, including about $10 million from the Columbus Partnership, $2 million from Ohio State and $9 million from the city and county.

ALSO: WBNS-TV: WATCH: Mayor Ginther provides update on Smart Columbus initiative

(David Williams, dean of the College of Engineering, delivers remarks about 17 minutes into the video)

Columbus, Ohio, region boosts smart mobility research

Ohio State University expects to test driverless cars on campus next year


February 21, 2017

The 11-county region that includes Columbus, Ohio, is pushing ahead with smart city tech research, including funding focused heavily on smart mobility and driverless vehicle testing.

Last month, the State of Ohio and Ohio State University (OSU), based in Columbus, announced $45 million in funds for a new 540-acre Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test Center, as an expansion of an existing 4,500-acre Transportation Research Center (TRC).

Can new labels take a bite out of food waste?

The current system of date-labeling emerged haphazardly and doesn't accurately reflect food safety, trade groups say.

Christian Science Monitor

February 18, 2017

Under a new set of guidelines released Thursday by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a food’s packaging would indicate the date of peak quality with the phrase “Best if used by,” and the last date it can be safely consumed with the phrase “use by.”

Food-safety experts say that these changes could reduce America’s food waste.

Featured expert: Story cites 2016 study by Brian Roe, the McCormick Professor of Agricultural Marketing and Policy

A Manhattan-sized chunk of ice just broke off from Antarctica

New York Post

February 18, 2017

A chunk of ice the size of Manhattan has broken away from an Antarctic glacier and floated off into the ocean.

Ian Howat, a glaciologist at Ohio State University, said the “event” was just one of many.

Featured expert: Ian Howat, professor of geography

Morning Roundup: Ohio State is a recycling champion | Columbus and the new geography of entrepreneurship | ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’

Business First

February 17, 2017

Big Ten Champs. For the fifth year in a row, The Ohio State University topped the Big Ten Conference in the annual GameDay Recycling Challenge by diverting more waste than any other school. The national competition is meant to promote waste reduction and sustainability at home football games. Ohio State notched an average diversion rate of 95.4 percent at Ohio Stadium during last year’s football season.

Can electric-car ownership expand beyond techies?

The Columbus Dispatch

February 15, 2017

At first, car manufacturers prioritized hybrid vehicles. Then they scrambled to design long-distance batteries. Now, attention has turned to laying a coast-to-coast network of charging stations.

Featured experts: Ramteen Sioshansi, professor of integrated systems engineering and Don Butler,administrative manager, Center for Automotive Research

Ohio State says document seeking university-wide energy deal is a secret

The Columbus Dispatch

February 13, 2017

A year after announcing that it would give private contractors the chance to operate the university's energy systems, Ohio State is asking companies to submit proposals. But officials intend to keep the details of the request secret from the public until after they get responses.

Stone Lab and Sea Grant has a new director

Sandusky Register

February 10, 2017

Stone Laboratory in Ottawa County and Ohio Sea Grant, based at Ohio State University in Columbus, both have a new director as the state moves forward in its battles against harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. Christopher Winslow has been named the new director for both of the closely related programs. The appointment is effective Feb. 1 but was publicly announced this week.

Ohio State energy privatization decision expected in April

Business First

February 10, 2017

Ohio State University is entering the final stretch in its bid to privatize its energy management, a step that will decide whether it enters into a partnership with an outside entity for 50 years. A decision is expected in two months. In an email to faculty, staff and students Thursday evening, Provost Bruce McPheron said the bidders "are all leading experts on energy use and sustainability who have demonstrated expertise, capabilities and quality of proposals to meet our needs."

To See Food Waste in a New Way, Start With Your Plate

National Geographic

Nov. 1, 2016

Getting a close look at home food waste is important, says Brian Roe, a behavioral economist at Ohio State University, because there’s just so much of it.

Featured Expert: Brian Roe, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

MI, OH, PA Transportation Officials To Collaborate On Autonomous Driving


February 2, 2017

Transportation officials and researchers from Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania this month announced plans to jointly advance autonomous and connected vehicle technology.

Academic partners include the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon University as well as the American Center for Mobility in Michigan and the Transportation Research Center in Ohio.

People waste less food if told of harm to environment

The Columbus Dispatch

January 29, 2017

A piece of advice for green-minded restaurants and food service businesses - hide that compost bin.

That's because when diners know their scraps will be composted, they end up wasting more food, according to new research from Ohio State University.

Featured expert: Brian Roe, professor of agricultural, environmental and development economics

Gov. John Kasich, Ohio State University announce $45 million expansion in vehicle test center


January 27, 2017

Gov. John Kasich and Ohio State University President Michael Drake announced a $45 million investment for testing driverless cars and other vehicles at the Transportation Research Center. OSU will invest $25 million to expand the 4,500-acre facility in Logan County.

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OSU gets grant to study autonomous vehicles

The Columbus Dispatch

January 26, 2017

A major research grant to expand Ohio State University's Transportation Research Center and study autonomous vehicles will mean jobs and economic development for central Ohio, according to the center's director.

Gov. John Kasich is scheduled to announce the grant, said to be tens of millions of dollars, at an event with Ohio State trustees at 2 p.m. today.

Ohio State spinoff getting boost from Safelite fuel-efficiency efforts

Business First

January 24, 2017

Safelite AutoGlass will start fueling fleet vehicles that run on compressed natural gas by month's end using a simplified compressor technology that just four years ago was an idea on paper at an Ohio State University lab.

Simple-Fill Inc., the Ohio State spinoff licensing the technology from the Center for Automotive Research, is ready to deploy the first production model of a compressor that uses liquid instead of thousands of spinning parts to compress the gas into usable fuel – for the first time making compressors affordable and easy to maintain for small to medium fleets.