Ohio State Professor's Team Advances in XPRIZE Competition

Jeff Bielicki, assistant professor in civil, environmental and geodetic engineering and the Glenn College, is part of team TerraCOH that has moved ahead to round 2 in the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Competition. The XPRIZE competition is designed to encourage the development of technologies that convert COinto valuable products in order to help solve climate change.

In round 2, teams will demonstrate technologies in a controlled environment such as a laboratory. Each team must meet minimum requirements and will be scored on how much CO2 they convert and the net value of their products.

Bielicki’s team is researching carbon dioxide (CO2) Plume Geothermal technology, reported to be “the next generation of geothermal.” According to TerraCOH, the team believes it will lower the capital and operating cost for electricity production, exponentially increasing its geographic reach. Power generators will, therefore, lower their costs while also supplying 24/7 emission-free power.

Finalists will be announced in December 2017, and overall winners will be announced in March 2020.