Research News

Howlett Hall Green Roof Installed and Open to the Public

09/26/13 – Ohio State's Chadwick Arboretum has a newly installed 12,000 square foot green roof on Howlett Hall. Read more.

Ohio State, Brazil Research includes Energy Projects

09/26/13 – Professors from both countries will collaborate on the new projects with seed funding through the partnership. Read more.

Ohio State receives Green Power Partner of the Year award from U.S. EPA

09/23/13 – The Ohio State University is one of only four organizations nationwide to be chosen as a Green Power Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read more.

Ohio State receives Green Power Partner of the Year award from U.S. EPA

09/23/13 – The Ohio State University is one of only four organizations nationwide to be chosen as a Green Power Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read more.

Request for Proposals set for University Discovery Themes

09/23/13 – Teams of faculty are invited to apply for the initial funding opportunities offered through Ohio State's Discovery Themes initiative. Read more.

Ohio State Chemist’s Aerosol Research to Benefit from $20 million NSF CAICE Grant

09/19/13 – Ohio State researcher to participate in five-year, $20 million NSF grant to study aerosols. Read more.

Department of Geography, Center for Urban and Regional Analysis Team up with U-Haul for Sustainability Study

09/16/13 – Ohio State’s Department of Geography and Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) will undertake a study of sustainable community redevelopment in Columbus’ Greater Hilltop Area in partnership with U-Haul, which will provide support and funding of the study. Read more.

Speeding Bullet

09/12/13 – The Venturi Buckeye Bullet Racing Team is at it again, testing new technology at top speeds. Read more.

Ohio State is Developing Low-Cost, Portable Ultraviolet LED Light

09/11/13 – Commercial uses for ultraviolet (UV) light are growing, and now a new kind of LED under development at The Ohio State University could lead to more portable and low-cost uses of the technology. Read more.

Ohio State receives $6.25 million to lead spin and thermal effects research

09/05/13 – Ohio State has been awarded a five-year $6.25 million grant through the U.S. Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary Research Initiative Program to explore materials with spin mediated thermal properties. Read more.

Campus Prairie Restoration Teaches Sustainable Environmental Practices

09/03/13 – Students in a biology lab are restoring a plot of campus land to its native prairie habitat. Read more.

Ohio State to Conduct Wide Range of Shale-Related Research

08/27/13 – Ohio State researchers are studying ecological health, sustainability and biodiversity, including groundwater, surface water, and air/soil quality, in relation to the emerging shale industry in eastern Ohio. Read more.

Collegiate Game Changers: How Campus Sport is Going Green

08/26/13 – The success of Ohio State's "Zero Waste at Ohio Stadium" effort was recognized by the National Resources Defense Council as a "game changer" for its 98% materials diversion rate. Read more.

OSU-Extension Awarded $200,000 Economic Development Grant

08/15/13 – Ohio State University Extension has been awarded a $200,00 award from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce-Economic Development Administration to focus on programming designed to address economic sustainability in Ohio’s shale energy region. Read more.

Paula Mouser awarded NSF grant for Fracking Fluid Analysis

08/14/13 – NSH awarded funding to Paula Mouser, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, for research to improve our understanding of how fracturing fluid concentrations decay naturally by native microorganisms. Read more.

Ohio State Researcher Looks to Subsurface to Discover the Makeup of Shale

08/01/13 – Ohio’s shale energy industry is seeing a growth spurt, but many questions remain about the makeup of the subsurface shale layer and the impacts of shale drilling. Ann Cook, an assistant professor in the Ohio State School of Earth Sciences, is working to answer the question on the minds of many people these days: What exactly is shale? Read more.

OSU Mansfield's wooded campus transforming into 'living laboratory'

07/31/13 – The 640 acres of woodlands on the campus at Ohio State Mansfield have gone largely unused through the years. But that's changing now that the Ohio Woodlands Stewards program is based there — an educational outreach of OSU Extension and the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Read more.

Ohio State, Iberdrola Renewables Begin Wind Research Collaboration

07/29/13 – The Ohio State University and Iberdrola Renewables today signed an agreement to collaborate on research projects related to wind power production. Read more.

The Residence on 10th Takes Gold

07/18/13 – The Residence on 10th earned a distinction held by no other building on the Columbus campus when the project achieved LEED Gold certification this May. Read more.

University Analysts: No Housing Shortage Due to Shale Development in Ohio

07/08/13 – Despite fears that a sudden influx of workers related to the shale development boom in eastern Ohio could lead to a housing shortage, researchers with the C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy at Ohio State University say the issue appears to be a manageable one. Read more.