Research News

ECE team wins $3 million to advance infrared detector technologies at Ohio State

03/07/17 – A potential $3 million in new grant funding could help make The Ohio State University a worldwide leader in next-generation infrared detector technologies. Read more.

Ohio State and New Albany Schools Continue Plans for Solar House Partnership

03/07/17 – ​This fall, a solar house built by Ohio State students will function as an interactive laboratory for New Albany-Plain Local Schools. Read more.

Turning food waste into tires

03/06/17 – Researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered that food waste can partially replace the petroleum-based filler that has been used in manufacturing tires for more than a century. In tests, rubber made with the new fillers exceeds industrial standards for performance, which may ultimately open up new applications for rubber. Read more.

Ohio State Project Leverages Institutional Food Purchasing to Help Disadvantaged Families, Improve Nutrition in Columbus

02/28/17 – $750,000 grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation will help develop network of small-scale growers who could sell produce to Ohio State and other local institutions. Read more.

Cornish to Advise Federal Initiative on Bioenergy Research and Development

02/27/17 – The initiative's task is to find new ways to refine various types of feedstocks and crops into next-generation biofuels or bio-based chemicals and products. Read more.

Ohio State Receives 6th Tree Campus USA Recognition

02/21/17 – The award will be announced on campus at the April 21 Arbor Day Celebration at Chadwick Arboretum. Read more.

​Translational Data Analytics announces spring 2017 seed grant

02/21/17 – ​Translational Data Analytics is seeking proposals from teams that wish to form new, interdisciplinary teams to generate preliminary study concepts, technologies, data and results encompassing data analytics. Read more.

Wastewater May Not Be a Waste After All

02/20/17 – Powering water treatment plants with wastewater itself may seem far fetched, but this technology is on the horizon. Researchers, both globally and at Ohio State, are attempting to use microorganisms in wastewater to power treatment plants. Read more.

International Trade Plans May Lead to Recession

02/20/17 – ​If the Trump Administration follows through on international trade plans, the United States would see increased unemployment and a recession, according to an agricultural economist at The Ohio State University. Read more.

Engineering teams awarded more than $5 million in funding

02/16/17 – New funding will boost Ohio State research on efficient turbomachinery, electric propulsion and intelligent aviation electric power. Read more.

The Dirty Work of Climate Change

02/14/17 – People aren’t often concerned about soil when thinking about climate change. However, the ground you walk on every day plays a valuable role, because it stores and releases carbon. Read more.

The Ohio State University named Big Ten Diversion Rate Champion

02/14/17 – For the fifth year in a row, The Ohio State University topped the Big Ten Conference in the annual GameDay Recycling Challenge by diverting more waste than any other Big Ten university. Read more.

​Ohio State prepares to launch RecycleMania

02/14/17 – Ohio State is looking to enhance its sustainability success with the kickoff of RecycleMania. Read more.

​Comprehensive Energy Management Project update

02/13/17 – Ohio State is formally seeking bids on a potential energy partnership that could provide substantial support for sustainability and our academic mission. Read more.

How Biobased Industry Can Take the Next Step: March 16 Workshop

02/13/17 – Biobased fuels and products — those made from crops and waste from farms — are the focus of an upcoming workshop. Advanced Biobased Systems: Growing an Industry is March 16 at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, Ohio. Read more.

Award recognizes importance of food security article

02/06/17 – An article on food security by Dr. Rattan Lal (InFACT and SRE Discovery Themes) has won the Elsevier Atlas Award, given each month for research that could significantly impact people's lives around the world. Read more.

​Toward a green and circular economy in India

02/06/17 – The Sustainable and Resilient Economy program will bring together experts from business, government and academia to examine waste-management challenges limiting India’s economic growth. Read more.

Research on driverless vehicles shifting gears

02/06/17 – The state of Ohio and Ohio State have committed $45 million to support the university's research in automated-vehicle testing and research Read more.

Drobny Elected to Board of International Sustainability Organization

02/06/17 – Fisher lecturer Neil Drobny has been elected to the board of directors of the International Society for Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), which was formed about 10 years ago to provide a centralized resource for establishing sustainability as a professional endeavor. Read more.

​Alpine glacier accelerating due to atmospheric warming

02/03/17 – Ice cores drilled atop Mt. Ortles in northern Italy in 2011 by an international team of glaciologists led by Paolo Gabrielli of Ohio State’s Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center indicate that the flow of the highest glacier of South Tyrol is now accelerating. Read more.