Research News

Panel responds to 40 percent local and sustainable challenge for campus food system

11/16/16 – A panel commissioned by Ohio State administration in May and comprised of diverse members of the campus community has proposed eight action steps and a timeline to complete them. Read more.

Ohio State Professor's Team Advances in XPRIZE Competition

11/15/16 – Ohio State Assistant Professor Jeff Bielicki's team TerraCOH has moved ahead to Round 2 of the XPRIZE Competition, where the team is researching geothermal technology. Read more.

Department of Energy Funding to Accelerate Vehicle Efficiency, Optimization Research

11/08/16 – The Ohio State University received $5 million in federal funding to optimize fuel efficiency in a project with industry partners Delphi, Tula Technology and TRC Inc. Read more.

Ohio State Launches First Sustainability Experiential Learning Project

11/03/16 – The Sustainability Innovation Virtual Lab (SIVL) at The Ohio State University has launched its first project. Read more.

​A science first: measuring glaciers from the sky

11/02/16 – Two researchers from The Ohio State University recently returned from a journey measuring the internal temperatures of the Greenland ice sheet. Read more.

Engineers let the sunshine in

11/01/16 – A research team at The Ohio State University is working to bring readily available solar cells closer to the gold standard of efficiency. Read more.

Students Flood Theater for DiCaprio's Climate Change Documentary

10/31/16 – The film follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels to five continents and the Arctic speaking to scientists, world leaders, activists and local residents to gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue and investigate concrete solutions to the most pressing environmental challenge of our time. Read more.

Sustainability in Action

10/25/16 – On Saturday, October 22nd, 30 student volunteers joined EHS and FOD staff to clean and maintain the rain gardens behind Jennings Hall. Read more.

​2016 AASHE Sustainable Campus Index Announced

10/25/16 – The 2016 SCI ranked Ohio State 24th overall in sustainability accomplishments and featured Ohio State for its focus on sustainability in the curriculum through the Discovery Theme programs. Read more.

Earth Scientist Recognized for Oil System Safety Research

10/24/16 – Ann Cook, assistant professor of earth sciences, has been honored by the National Academies. Read more.

​Three new startups planned, based on Ohio State research

10/24/16 – Three faculty-led teams from The Ohio State University have decided to create startup companies based on research they have developed at the university. Read more.

​USDOT awards $6 million grant to Smart Mobility Corridor

10/24/16 – The grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) will provide funding for Dedicated Short Range Communications along the corridor for connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle testing and research. Read more.

​Ohio State center will help regional manufacturing companies grow.

10/21/16 – The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) will receive up to $8.6 million in federal, state and industry funding over the next five years to lead a program facilitating growth of small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies in the 15-county central Ohio region. Read more.

Federal Grant Funds Ohio State Study of Plant Biofuel Potential

10/20/16 – The U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Agriculture have selected Ohio State researchers for a $1.16 million grant to investigate the bioenergy potential of the plant pennycress. Read more.

​Fall update: Comprehensive Energy Management Project

10/20/16 – The university is exploring a private partnership for comprehensive energy management. Read more.

Center for Automotive Research celebrates 25 years: Then, now and beyond

10/19/16 – From its origin as a concept in the minds of leaders at Honda, Transportation Research Center, the State of Ohio and The Ohio State University, the center has evolved since 1991 to become an internationally-recognized research hub in sustainable and safe mobility. Read more.

Restoration set for Mirror Lake and surrounding district

10/11/16 – The Ohio State University is announcing a restoration of historic Mirror Lake and the surrounding district focusing on safety and sustainability. Read more.

Autumn 2016 Sustainable and Resilient Economy Seed Grants Announced

10/07/16 – ​Ohio State’s Sustainable and Resilient Economy program, one of the university’s Discovery Themes focus areas, is pleased to announce the recipients of SRE’s Autumn Seed Grant Awards, designed to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration among Ohio State faculty, staff, students and external partners. Read more.

Ohio State Sustainability Fund Available for Campus Projects

10/06/16 – The Ohio State Sustainability Fund is available to faculty and staff members to provide funding for sustainability projects that will positively impact any Ohio State campus. Read more.

​Students launch Leap college carpooling network

10/03/16 – This fall, senior mechanical engineering students Patrick Beal and Brian Bachir launched Leap, a mobile carpooling application for Ohio State students to connect and share rides to the same destination, split the cost of gas and discover new friendships. Read more.