Research News

Restoration set for Mirror Lake and surrounding district

10/11/16 – The Ohio State University is announcing a restoration of historic Mirror Lake and the surrounding district focusing on safety and sustainability. Read more.

Autumn 2016 Sustainable and Resilient Economy Seed Grants Announced

10/07/16 – ​Ohio State’s Sustainable and Resilient Economy program, one of the university’s Discovery Themes focus areas, is pleased to announce the recipients of SRE’s Autumn Seed Grant Awards, designed to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration among Ohio State faculty, staff, students and external partners. Read more.

Ohio State Sustainability Fund Available for Campus Projects

10/06/16 – The Ohio State Sustainability Fund is available to faculty and staff members to provide funding for sustainability projects that will positively impact any Ohio State campus. Read more.

​Students launch Leap college carpooling network

10/03/16 – This fall, senior mechanical engineering students Patrick Beal and Brian Bachir launched Leap, a mobile carpooling application for Ohio State students to connect and share rides to the same destination, split the cost of gas and discover new friendships. Read more.

CABS recognized for commitment to reducing emissions

10/03/16 – Transportation and Traffic Management's (TTM) Campus Area Bus Service has been recognized by Clean Fuels Ohio as a three-star certified Ohio Green Fleet . The certification recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. TTM recently broke ground on a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station, highlighting the university's continued efforts to advance sustainability across campus. Read more.

Snoke Awarded for Leadership in Alternative Fuel Adoption

10/03/16 – Beth Snoke, director of Transportation and Traffic Management, recently was recognized with the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association President's Award for her leadership in alternative fuel adoption. The award highlights individuals who have made a positive impact on new practices and technologies in the fleet industry. Read more.

Ohio State’s all-electric Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 sets new landspeed record

09/21/16 – At an average top speed of 341 miles per hour, the racer shatters its own record on Sept. 19 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Read more.

Scientists triple known types of viruses in world’s oceans

09/21/16 – Researchers report they’ve tripled the known types of viruses living in waters around the globe, and now have a better idea what role they play in nature. The study, led by scientists at The Ohio State University, appears in the journal Nature. Read more.

Ocean Viruses Could Reduce Carbon in Atmosphere

09/21/16 – Calling the ocean "a major buffer against climate change," Ohio State researchers hope the more than 15,000 genetically distinct viruses they cataloged from sea expeditions could interact with microbes and help modulate greenhouse gases and energy. Read more.

Arts and Sciences Launches New Environmental Humanities Program

09/12/16 – Climate change is the theme of the first two years of the program. Read more.

Wind/Farm energy park will connect art and energy

09/12/16 – ​​Thanks to a 2016 Battelle Engineering, Technology and Human Affairs (BETHA) Endowment grant, Michael Mercil, professor of art, is beginning work on Wind|Farm, a 500-square-foot energy park to be temporarily located outside the Wexner Center for the Arts. Read more.

New genus of bacteria found living inside hydraulic fracturing wells

09/12/16 – Researchers analyzing the genomes of microorganisms living in shale oil and gas wells have found evidence of sustainable ecosystems taking hold there—populated in part by a never-before-seen genus of bacteria they have dubbed “Frackibacter.” Read more.

DOE funding to help advance groundbreaking welding technology

08/26/16 – A team of Ohio State University engineers has developed a new welding technique that could boost the auto industry’s efforts to offer vehicles that weigh less and are more fuel efficient. Read more.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to Visit Ohio State and Deliver Remarks on Sustainability

08/25/16 – H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, a long-time supporter of global environmental and sustainability issues, will visit the university to see its sustainability efforts and present a lecture on climate change, biodiversity and access to clean water. Read more.

New technology may give electric car drivers more miles per minute of charging

08/24/16 – Researchers have designed a thin plastic membrane that stops rechargeable batteries from discharging when not in use and allows for rapid recharging. Read more.

Aug. 26 Conference to Help Consumers, Communities Reduce Food Waste; Attend In Person or Online

08/11/16 – On Aug. 26, several university partners will convene a conference aimed at helping communities reduce their food waste and better divert waste from landfills. Read more.

Ohio Shale Energy Development: Assessing the Economic Opportunities and Risks

08/11/16 – The recent technological advancement in horizontal hydraulic fracturing has unlocked oil and gas resources from shale formations once thought to be uneconomical to recover. Read more.

Ohio State University Receives $10 Million for Nuclear Waste Disposal Research

07/19/16 – The new Energy Department-funded center will be the first headquartered in the state of Ohio. Read more.

Facilities Operations and Development Receives National Recognition

07/18/16 – The Ohio State University’s Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) has received the 2016 APPA Award for Excellence. Read more.

Donation Launches Ohio State Study of Natural Gas Pipelines’ Impact on Farm Soil

07/14/16 – A study of how natural gas pipeline installations affect Ohio cropland productivity begins this fall thanks to a $200,000 gift from Kinder Morgan, Inc. to The Ohio State University. Read more.