enCORE Offers Research, Education, Outreach

enCORE on campus

enCORE, Ohio State’s solar powered, student-designed and -built house, is available as a facility for educational tours and research opportunities. Elementary, secondary and university school groups and civic and community organizations are invited to make use of this resource as a teaching tool and for outreach events.

What does enCORE offer?

enCORE is a fully functional, solar powered home situated on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. enCORE offers the opportunity to learn the latest advancements in sustainable/efficient building materials and building design to maximize efficiency and conservation measures, as well as the ability to perform research and experiments related to solar energy, building efficiency, bioremediation/greywater systems, or other research project ideas.

Where is enCORE?

enCORE is located near Chadwick Lake on the Ohio State Columbus campus, directly behind the Nationwide/Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2201 Fred Taylor Drive.

About enCORE:

enCORE is a 900+ square foot home designed to house a three-person family. The focus on a family home drives the design, from material choices to flexibility of spaces. These programmed spaces are layered around the mechanical core, which allow light and ventilation to pass through the whole home. To further minimize the home’s environmental impact, the design combines passive and active solar strategies, as well as rainwater collection and greywater reuse systems. Learn more about enCORE.

Research at enCORE:

Researchers and students are invited to learn about research opportunities associated with various aspects of sustainable, net-zero building and living. If you have an idea for conducting research related to these topics or other topics at enCORE, contact energy.environment@osu.edu.

To Reserve enCORE House:

Scheduling for enCORE is subject to the academic calendar and to tour guide availability. Read our enCORE Terms of Use here. To tour enCORE, contact 614-247-4762 or energy.environment@osu.edu. For large groups tours, please review this information .