2016-2017 Energy, Environment and Sustainability Student Funding Announced

Jan. 3, 2017

The Ohio State University is dedicated to advancing education, research, and innovation related to energy, the environment, and sustainability. To further those goals, each year the Office of Energy and Environment offers funding for students to conduct research and to recognize superior scholarship in the areas of energy, the environment and sustainability. In addition, the Office of Student Life provides funding for campus sustainability projects through the Coca-Cola Sustainability Fund.

OEE and Student Life are pleased to announce the recipients of energy, environment and sustainability funding for the 2016-2017 academic year.

RESEARCH: Winners of the 2016-2017 Student Research Project Grants, offered to students interested in researching a particular energy, environment, or sustainability-related issue on or near campus, are:

  • Joseph Duggan (Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi, College of Engineering) $3,000
    • Study two market designs commonly used in the procurement of wholesale electricity: centrally-committed and self-committed, to generate insight into strategic behavior of the participants in these markets and to provide evidence of how these markets may be improved in practice.
  • Mohammad Amin Amooie (Dr. Joachim Moortgat, College of Arts and Sciences) $5,400
    • To build low-cost demonstration cluster computers to write and develop software to study the convective mixing of CO2 in heterogeneous three-dimensional porous media.
  • Colleen Cheverko (Dr. Mark Hubbe, College of Arts and Sciences) $7,750
    • Study curated collections of skeletal remains to determine how environmental variability affects patterns of human growth, to understand the role of the environment on human health, especially in the past, in order to discuss the impact of sustainability measures and policies.
  • Nall Moonilall (Dr. Rattan Lal; College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences) $10,871
    • Study effects of soil erosion and health on the productivity and sustainability of cropping systems, because soil health is directly related to agrosystem resilience in the face of climate change.
  • Kaushik Rangharajan (Dr. Shaurya Prakash, College of Engineering) $8,037
    • Study the desalinization of shale gas well water. With more than 20 deep-wells within a 50-mile radius of Ohio State, this proposal is aimed at testing the feasibility of upscaling a novel nanoscale platform that desalts hyper-saline water, which can subsequently be treated via centralized wastewater treatment facilities, mitigating the need for deep-wells.
  • Fengyang Xiong (Dr. Joachim Moortgat, College of Arts and Sciences) $11,312
    • Develop a better understanding of the role of organic matter and pore structure in shale, because shale as reservoir rock remains poorly understood. The evaluation of shales as hydrocarbon resources critically depends on the characterization of the organic matter.
  • Hopeton Palmer (Dr. Cynthia Dassler, College of Arts and Sciences) $1,000
    • Study fern spore banks in central Ohio metro parks and make comparisons to similar studies in Kentucky in order to make conclusions about the overall health of spore banks in the Midwest.

SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarship winners, offered to undergraduate students interested in studying or pursuing a career in energy, the environment or sustainability, are:

  • Michaela Master is a sophomore Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability major with a 3.97 GPA.
  • Andrew Shea is a junior and is double majoring in philosophy and sustainability and maintains a 3.84 GPA.
  • Nathan Jacoby is a second-year EEDS major and has a 3.89 GPA.
  • Nash Morgan is currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering.
  • Jonathan Kubesch is third-year Environment and Natural Resources Scholar studying evolution, ecology, and agronomy with a 3.60 GPA.

COCA-COLA STUDENT SUSTAINABILITY GRANTS: Winners of funding for campus sustainability projects are:

  • Melanie Sich, Agricultural Solution for The Njau Community: Implementation of an irrigation and supply system that provides water during the dry season to a community in Gambia
  • Sarah Fischer, Light Up with LED: LED lightbulb giveaway and education campaign in the off-campus area
  • Elizabeth Sturges, Take Back the Tap Exchange Year II: Reusable water bottle giveaway and education campaign
  • Holly Haines, Home: Art project to be fabricated with recycled and reused materials in order to raise awareness about homelessness in Columbus