About the Sustainability Institute

One of the greatest challenges of our time lies in our ability to secure reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for future generations...

Ohio State is meeting the energy challenge head-on.

The Ohio State University is dedicated to advancing education, research, and innovation for energy and the environment, emphasizing how those needs can be met sustainably.

The Sustainability Institute, formerly the Office of Energy and Environment, facilitates and integrates these activities through support from the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Office of Research as well as eight colleges across the university, including Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Fisher College of Business, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Public Health.

Ohio State faculty, staff, and students are researching conventional and alternative energy sources and developing affordable, environmentally responsible, and sustainable options.

The university also advances energy to bolster Ohio’s economic future; emphasizes campus sustainability and integration efforts; provides advice on government policy for energy and its related environmental issues; supports interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects; and fosters student interest in energy and related environmental issues.

The university’s establishment of “Energy and Environment” as one of its key research Discovery Themes underscores Ohio State’s focus on energy issues, driven by:

* widespread faculty interest in finding solutions to one of our most important challenges: the need for additional and improved energy;

* the nation’s economic challenges; and

* the increasing need for educational institutions to be interdisciplinary and collaborative on large-scale funding proposals related to energy and related environmental research.

For more information about Ohio State's Discovery Themes, visit the frequently asked questions page.