Comprehensive Energy Management Project Update

The university is working closely with its new sustainability partner to complete the transition of its energy systems in the Comprehensive Energy Management Project. Over the summer, Ohio State Energy Partners will seek to hire all eligible utilities department employees and will begin evaluating buildings for smart meters, a first step in improving energy efficiency. In the autumn, the university will engage students, faculty and staff in discussions on how to can best utilize this partnership to become an international leader in sustainability and advance our academic mission.

Focus areas will include:

  • Beginning conceptual work on a $50 million Energy Advancement and Innovation Center for energy research and technology commercialization;
  • Identifying next steps for a $15 million endowment to advance sustainability efforts in areas outside the scope of comprehensive energy management; and
  • Establishing an Energy Advisory Committee with student, faculty and staff representatives to review proposals for energy conservation measures, among other responsibilities.

On April 7, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees approved the Comprehensive Energy Management Project, a public-private partnership that promises to modernize the university’s Columbus campus, create substantial academic benefits and establish a major center for energy research and technology commercialization.The board approved a 50-year agreement with Ohio State Energy Partners, which consists of energy company ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure, an investment firm.