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February 22, 2018

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Sustainability Funds Awarded to TTM for University Alternative Fuel Fleet Vehicle Purchases

In support of the university’s operational excellence and resource stewardship sustainability goals and strategic plan, Ohio State departments may apply for up to $10,000 toward the incremental cost of a new electric vehicle (EV) and up to $20,000 toward the incremental cost of a new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle. This funding is made available through the Ohio State Sustainability Fund after recommendation from the President and Provost’s Council on Sustainability and will be distributed to departments by Transportation and Traffic Management.

Please Share with Grad Students: Energy Department Offers Research Funding

The U.S. DOE provides supplemental awards to outstanding graduate students to support part of their thesis research to be conducted at a DOE laboratory/facility. The research opportunity is expected to advance the graduate students’ overall doctoral thesis while providing access to the expertise, resources and capabilities available at the DOE laboratories/facilities. Applications are due May 15.

Making Headlines

Ohio State’s energy experts are in the news. The following articles have been published by media recently. Read more news coverage of the university’s energy, environment and sustainability activities on our website.

11,000 years ago, our ancestors survived abrupt climate change


March 27, 2018

Featured expert: Sam White, professor of history

Ohio State coal tech captures CO2, but can it compete with renewables?

Energy News Network

March 22, 2018

Featured expert: L.S. Fan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering

Climate Change Will Not Make Us Nicer


March 19, 2018

Featured expert: Brad Bushman, communication

Farmers' help sought in reducing algal blooms

Fremont News-Messenger

March 16, 2018

Featured expert: Chris Winslow, director of Ohio Sea Grant and Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory

Nearly 1,500 cubic MILES of snow pile up across North America every year, new estimates reveal

Daily Mail

March 14, 2018

Featured experts: Melissa Wrzesien and Michael Durand, graduate student and professor of earth sciences

ALSO: HealthNewsDigest: How Much Snow Accumulates in North America Each Year? More Than Scientists Thought

ALSO: USAgNet: How Much Snow Accumulates in North America?

Upcoming Events

OSU Materials Week, May 8

The 10th annual showcase of materials-allied research at Ohio State and beyond is May 8-11 at the Blackwell Inn & Conference Center on Ohio State’s Columbus campus.