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Key milestone in Mirror Lake sustainability reached

Key milestone in Mirror Lake sustainability reached

Mirror Lake will return to its former beauty this week, with the additional allure of environmental friendliness.

The lake now features water sourced from a campus well.

“Enhancing the sustainability and safety of Mirror Lake is extremely important to the university’s long-term goals and commitment to sustainability,” said Aparna Dial, university energy and sustainability engineer. “We received positive results from a groundwater well study in July and are happy to report this could be the most sustainable method to fill the lake moving forward.”

Last month, the university drilled a well next to Mirror Lake to tap into natural groundwater beneath campus. On Aug. 13, the groundwater began filling the lake.

Within eight days, Mirror Lake should be filled to capacity.

The change will save nearly 50,000 gallons of drinking water per day, which the lake previously drew from Columbus city water lines.

Above-ground hoses will initially fill the lake while the university looks to potentially install a permanent pump atop the well. Pending additional testing, the pump could become a long-term solution and would replenish the lake water on an as-needed basis.

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