New Program in Bioenergy and Biowaste Management Launched

Starting fall semester, students at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (Ohio State ATI) will be able to study a new program focused on two key global issues.

The new Associate of Applied Science program in bioenergy and biological waste management will prepare students for high-demand careers such as wastewater and drinking water treatment plant operators.

Recently, National Geographic ranked water and wastewater treatment operator as the second fastest growing job among environmental sustainability-related jobs.

“Alternative energy and water resource management are two global issues of critical importance,” said Kris Boone, director of Ohio State ATI. “We’re proud to offer this first-of-its-kind program to our students.”

Students will also be prepared for careers as operators or laboratory technicians in biogas, bioethanol, and biodiesel production plants, which go hand-in-hand with water quality and waste management; these technologies keep organic wastes out of underground and surface water systems. No other institution in the U.S. offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in bioenergy and biological waste management.

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