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Global warming impacts everything from birds to allergies

The Columbus Dispatch

June 19, 2018

...Ranges of birds, plants and insects have changed in response to new temperature and rainfall patterns, and that could bring new combinations of predators and prey into contact, said Chris Tonra, an assistant professor of avian wildlife ecology at OSU. “A given prey species might not have an adaptation to a certain predator,” he said.

Featured expert: Chris Tonra, an assistant professor of avian wildlife ecology

Lake Erie clean-up measure nearing governor's desk

Toledo Blade

June 19, 2018

…House Bill 643 would provide:

-$2.65 million to the Ohio State Sea Grant and Stone Lab to research and monitor phosphorous loading, harmful algal growth, and toxicity levels.

Is an electric car right for you? Early adopters share the pros and cons

Columbus Dispatch

June 17, 2018

...The auto industry’s eventual transition to electric seems inevitable to Ramteen Sioshansi, an integrated systems engineering associate professor at Ohio State University and fellow at its Center for Automotive Research.

“We’re at that point where it’s still a small snowball at the top of a mountain,” Sioshansi said.

Featured expert: Ramteen Sioshansi, integrated systems engineering

‘Smart City’ future promising big changes in how we get around

Columbus Dispatch

June 17, 2018

...“Sensors and other technology can make traffic lights smarter and able to sense traffic,” said Staley, an associate professor of history, design and educational studies at Ohio State University.

Featured expert: David Staley, associate professor of history, design and educational studies

Biology: Extra carbon dioxide from climate change will mean less-nutritious rice

Columbus Dispatch

June 17, 2018

A study published last month shows that rice plants grow well under conditions of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide expected later this century. Those plants, however, produce less-nutritious rice than what’s grown today.

Featured expert: Steve Rissing, biology professor

Trump’s Coal Gambit May Yield Political Points But Not Mining Jobs


June 14, 2018

...“It is a pander,” said Paul Beck, a professor emeritus of political science at Ohio State University. “It fits in with a populist-oriented campaign where a candidate is saying ‘I stand for the little people who are bypassed by government.”’

Featured expert: Paul Beck, professor emeritus, political science

Trapping carbon pollution underground for thousands of years is key to fighting climate change


June 12, 2018

"Leakage back to the atmosphere, while a potential concern from social and political perspectives, isn’t much of concern from a scientific perspective because studies such as this continue to find it unlikely," Jeffrey Bielicki, who heads the Energy Sustainability Research Laboratory at Ohio State University and had no involvement in the study, said in an interview.

Featured expert: Jeffrey Bielicki, civil, environmental and geodetic engineering, and director, Energy Sustainability Research Laboratory

Ohio State Takes Electric Cars For A Spin At Smart Columbus Event


June 8, 2018

For the first time, The Ohio State University on Thurday gave the public a chance to test out electric vehicles for themselves.

Around 250 Ohio State students, faculty and staff pre-registered for the chance to take an electric car out for a spin at the Smart Columbus Ride and Drive Roadshow.

Ohio State University's energy provider floats capital projects to boost efficiency on campus

Business First

June 7, 2018

Ohio State officials discussed more than 20 capital projects that would help the campus become more energy efficient.

Before the full board of trustees votes on the package on Friday, the school's Master Planning and Facilities Committee today studied proposals including:

Women look to close renewable energy’s employment gender gap

Women make up about a third of U.S. wind and solar energy jobs, higher than other technology fields.

Energy News Network

June 5, 2018

Sarah Fischer’s journey into the renewable energy field began with a high school French teacher whose husband had been a child slave in Haiti. The couple opened Fischer’s eyes to human rights and international development issues and sparked a desire to make a difference in such situations.

Ohio State University trustees set to vote on construction for $59M Advanced Materials Corridor

Business First

June 5, 2018

A new Advanced Materials Corridor on Ohio State's campus will start to take shape this fall once the university's board of trustees votes on Friday.

The $59.1 million renovation project for the Biomedical Engineering and Materials Sciences and Engineering programs will create new research labs, offices, utilities and classrooms in the former Fontana and Koffolt Laboratories on campus.

Could Clean Coal Actually Become A Reality?


May 31, 2018

Imagine a world where “clean coal” was no longer rhetoric – a world where coal was not just low emission, but no emission. This seemingly far-fetched idea is to many, nothing more than science fiction. However, researchers at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio may be about to change that perception.

Featured expert: Dr. Liang-Shih Fan, distinguished university professor in chemical and biomolecular engineering

College students turn a Camaro Hybrid in EcoCAR 3 competition

Fox6now (Milwaukee, WI)

May 31, 2018

If you're in an EcoCAR, it's not your typical ride.

Every year, the college competition challenges students in one aspect of building an environmentally friendly car. This year's challenge: modify a Camaro to be hybrid - but keep the horsepower it's known for.

…"We have put so much time into this car - all of the people on the team really care about what they’re doing and it really shows," explained Brianna Antinoro with Ohio State University.

AEP funding Ohio State University research aimed at protecting power grids from cyberattack

Business First

May 30, 2018

AEP is funding research at Ohio State University aimed at protecting power grids from cyber attack.

The Columbus-based energy giant has provided a $250,000 grant to support research on cyber-resilient power grids, work to make electric power distribution networks safer from cyber attacks. The research is being done by Ohio State's Electric Power Grid Research Group, led by J.K. Wang, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Wanted: Innovative farmers to help slow algal bloom on Lake Erie

Christian Science Monitor

May 30, 2018

...Efforts like these may be having an effect. People who work with farmers detect a growing acceptance that agriculture is at least partly to blame for Lake Erie’s woes. “They’re very concerned and want to do something,” says Robyn Wilson, a researcher at Ohio State University. “But they’re not convinced that the recommendations are feasible at the farm level, or that if enough farmers did it, it would solve the problem. So we’re kind of falling flat on the last piece of the puzzle.”

Featured expert: Robyn Wilson, associate professor of risk analysis and decision science

FactCheck: Scientist schools congressmen on climate

Philadelphia Inquirer

May 25, 2018

During a recent hearing on the role of innovation in addressing climate change, several Republicans made faulty claims about the climate, past and present.

...Santiago de la Peña, a researcher at Ohio State University who studies glacier dynamics, told us that, while he was there when Brooks and other politicians visited Antarctica in 2014, he did “not recall having said conversation” with Brooks.

Featured expert: Santiago de la Peña, researcher who studies glacier dynamics

Money pit or fuel hedge? In Midwest, it depends who's paying

E&E News: Energywire

May 31, 2018

When FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. sought bankruptcy protection this spring, included in the avalanche of legal filings was a motion to exit a partnership that runs a pair of 1950s-era coal plants on the Ohio River. ...

S.B. 155 and a companion House bill touting the plants as "national security generation resources" were introduced last May. Neither has been called for a vote. But the Senate bill has been the subject of more than a half-dozen hearings in the state Senate Public Utilities Committee. The most recent was in January, where the bill was panned by environmental, consumer groups, large energy users and rival generators.

Ned Hill, an economist at Ohio State University, called the bill and decisions by PUCO to subsidize the OVEC plants "lemon socialism."

Featured expert: Ned Hill, professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs and College of Engineering



May 24, 2018

Students at Ohio State turned this Chevy Camaro into a performance hybrid to win a Department of Energy competition.


IF YOU’RE LOOKING for attention, drive an American muscle car, like a Chevrolet Camaro.

.…That co-driver is an engineering student from Ohio State University, who converted this Camaro to run on a battery as part of the US Department of Energy’s EcoCAR3 competition. This week, the team won first place, beating 15 other universities at the end of a grueling four-year competition to future-proof an iconic muscle car whose gas guzzling nature could soon render it obsolete.


Spaceflight News

May 23, 2018

Ohio State University has done a significant progress in the recent past in the field of space science and technology. And now with it’s first-ever launch of satellite it is going out of this world. In the Monday morning the researchers of the university dealing with the mission successfully launched their first satellite into the space. The leader of the project Joel Johnson who is the professor and chair of electrical engineering (ECE) at Ohio State subjected the whole mission in highly fruitful ways and make it a success.

The EPA & Climate Change Denial

WOSU All Sides

May 22, 2018

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has been trying for over a year to roll back multiple Obama-era policies including the storage of toxic waste produced by power plants. Many of his proposals have been met with litigation and lawsuits that have stalled the process.

Featured expert: panelist Erik Nesbit, professor of communication