Ohio State Students Travel to Gain Knowledge on Sustainability

Ohio State’s Office of Energy and Environment offers financial assistance to Ohio State students who attend or participate in conferences or seminars related to energy, environment or sustainability.

During the 2014-2015 academic year, 12 students have received travel funds to learn about energy, environment or sustainability. They have traveled all over the country, including to California and Massachusetts, where they have given presentations, networked with professionals in their industry and gained new knowledge in their fields. Here are some examples of the students who were awarded funding:

Minghui Chen

Minghui Chen, a graduate student in nuclear engineering, attended the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting and Tech Expo in Anaheim, California, Nov. 9-13, 2014. Chen presented a paper he wrote on nuclear energy to over 50 people at the event. Chen’s favorite part was the ability to network with the 1,000 professionals and students in the industry and to learn from their experiences.

Megan Fuerst

Megan Fuerst, a second-year majoring in environmental, economy, development and sustainability, attended the Teens Turning Green: Green U event in San Francisco Nov. 20-25, 2014. Here Fuerst was one of the mentors to the 13 finalists of the Project Green Challenge. Fuerst has worked with Teens Turning Green, a sustainability nonprofit, for over a year. Currently, she is the outreach coordinator for Teens Turning Green and she has been voted president of the Youth Advisory Board for next year.

“I was a finalist last year and it was scary,” Fuerst said. “My favorite part was being there on the other end and being a mentor, I was able to see [the finalists’] passion grow.”

The event included a green spa day with organic clothes and beauty products, a presentation from the CEO of Whole Foods and more.

Michael J. Addams, Bin He, Arati Prakash, Sarah Watzman

Michael Addams, Bin He, Arati Prakash and Sarah Watzman, all graduate students in mechanical engineering, attended the Materials Research Society’s fall meeting in Boston Nov. 30-Dec. 5, 2014. The students gave technical talks and did poster sessions about thermoelectric materials, specifically related to waste heat recovery.

“The poster session was fun,” Addams said. “We got to walk around to see others’ work and network with the other students and professors.”

Ryan Trexler and Michael Brooker

Ryan Trexler and Michael Brooker, both graduate students in environmental science, attended the American Geophysical Union Annual Conference in San Francisco Dec. 14-19, 2014.

“It would have been more difficult to go to this event without OEE’s support,” Trexler said. “It was a big reason why I was able to attend.”

The event had over 30,000 people in attendance and included a poster session and networking opportunities. Trexler presented on his research in shale ecosystems, and Brooker presented on his research in agricultural runoffs. Both hope to continue this research.

Full-time students can apply for the Office of Energy and Environment travel funding year-round at http://oee.osu.edu/assets/uploads/StudentTravelFactSheetAndApplication_COMBINED_121914.pdf.