Research News

Getting to know the microbes that drive climate change

07/16/18 – A new understanding of the microbes and viruses in the thawing permafrost in Sweden may help scientists better predict the pace of climate change. Read more.

One year later: Ohio State energy partnership benefiting campus, students

07/12/18 – It has been one year since The Ohio State University entered into a 50-year partnership to improve the university’s energy management and sustainability. And the agreement is already leading to a brighter campus and brighter students. Read more.

Ohio State Tour to Highlight Columbus’ Growing Urban Agriculture Industry

07/05/18 – OSU Extension’s Franklin County office, along with the Columbus Urban Farmers Network, will host a free, public tour of five urban farms this summer to highlight the work urban farmers are doing and to educate consumers on the possibilities of urban farming. Read more.

Energy Department Funds Ohio State Biomass Research

07/02/18 – The team will develop processes that use microorganisms to convert biomass and CO2 into high yields of ethylene and propylene. Over 200 million tons of these compounds are required annually for the production of plastics. Read more.

Mitsch receives first Odum award

06/28/18 – Bill Mitsch, Ohio State professor emeritus of environment and natural resources and founding director of the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park, was honored by the American Ecological Engineering Society. Read more.

Bringing sustainable water systems to Tanzania

06/28/18 – Ohio State's Global Water Institute is leading a consortium funded by a more than $1 million investment from the United States Agency for International Development and The Coca-Cola Foundation to install sustainable solar powered water systems in Tanzania. Read more.

University’s energy partner contributes $810,000 to academic, student programs

06/27/18 – Ohio State Energy Partners has funded $810,000 to a wide variety of university organizations in its first year on campus, with contributions supporting academic initiatives, sustainability and other priorities. Read more.

Recent Graduate Pursues Career in Sustainable Energy

06/25/18 – Numerous internships, mentors and student organizations have led environment, economy, development and sustainability graduate Sarah Fischer to pursue a career in sustainable energy and transportation. Read more.

​Methane-producing microbial communities found in fracking wells

06/25/18 – Deep in the rocky earth, in the liquid-filled cracks created by fracking, lives a community of highly interactive microbes – one that could at once have serious implications for energy companies, human health and scientists investigating the potential for life on Mars. Read more.

Bedrock in West Antarctica rising at surprisingly rapid rate

06/21/18 – The earth is rising in one part of Antarctica at one of the fastest rates ever recorded, as ice rapidly disappears and weight is lifted off the bedrock, a new international study has found. Read more.

Schlumberger donates software package to School of Earth Sciences

06/20/18 – Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, has donated a substantial package of its software technology to the School of Earth Sciences. Read more.

InFACT Provides Support for Nine Interdisciplinary Grant Projects

06/18/18 – Our vision is for The Ohio State University to be the worldwide leader in developing conceptual models and practical examples of climate-resilient, secure and equitable agricultural and food systems. Read more.

​Ohio State University trustees approve new endowments from proceeds of energy management partnership

06/12/18 – The Ohio State University Board of Trustees today approved the establishment of the Strategic Initiatives Endowment Fund with $700 million from the Comprehensive Energy Management transaction. Read more.

Students Plant Seeds of Culture Change

06/06/18 – Students and staff collaborated to design and plant a new themed garden outside of Smith Lab. Read more.

Ohio State Experts Address Energy Infrastructure Challenges

05/24/18 – Researchers and community leaders examined community resiliency in the face of climate change at a university forum. Read more.

AEP Ohio funds research on protecting power grids from cyberattacks

05/24/18 – ​In March, the U.S. government revealed concerns about foreign cyberattacks into the operating systems of domestic electric power infrastructure and noted that the efforts to disrupt the grid date back to 2013. Read more.

Four-peat! Ohio State wins national EcoCAR 3 competition

05/23/18 – The student team was named best in the U.S. in the contest to redesign a Chevy Camaro to further reduce its environmental impact while maintaining the car's performance and safety. Read more.

Conference at Ohio State addresses challenges from changing climate

05/22/18 – University experts join community planners as health impacts and sustainable energy sources top concerns for the future. Read more.

Buyer beware: Some water-filter pitchers much better at toxin removal

05/17/18 – Water pitchers designed to rid water of harmful contaminants are not created equal, new research has found. Read more.

Ohio State’s first satellite prepares for launch

05/17/18 – The shoebox-sized CubeRRT contains advanced sensors for observing Earth’s environment from space. Read more.