Research News

In the Arctic: following Byrd Center researchers

09/20/18 – Through 360° video, experience being part of a NASA-funded Arctic expedition as Byrd Center researchers study Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier. Read more.

Call for Proposals – 2019 Community Engagement Conference: Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

09/18/18 – Proposals are now being accepted for Ohio State’s second annual Community Engagement Conference Jan. 23-24 at the Ohio Union. Read more.

ENGIE-Axium Endowed Dean's Chair

09/18/18 – ​The Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of Alicia L. Bertone, DVM, PhD, vice provost for graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School, as the inaugural ENGIE-Axium Endowed Dean's Chair. The appointment continues to June 30, 2021. Read more.

Ohio State Student Team Wins Ford Grant by Finding New Uses for Old Plastic

09/17/18 – Based in the College of Engineering, Buckeye Precious Plastic is working on better ways to recycle plastic and to cut down on plastic pollution. Read more.

A terrain map that shows Antarctica in stunning detail

09/06/18 – The map and associated images and data, produced by Ohio State scientists and colleagues, will change science in Antarctica, especially as it is updated, says Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center director Ian Howat. Read more.

Demise of Quelccaya: World’s largest tropical ice cap

08/29/18 – For over 40 years, Ohio State's Lonnie Thompson and his colleagues have observed and documented the effects of the recent warming, augmented by strong El Niño events, on the ice fields in Peru. They are now on an expedition to study Earth’s largest tropical ice cap, Quelccaya, in the southern Andes of Peru. Read more.

Community Engagement Conference Seeks Sustainability Proposals

08/28/18 – Proposals are now being accepted for Ohio State’s second annual Community Engagement Conference Jan. 23-24 at the Ohio Union. The theme of this year’s conference is "Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future." Read more.

Algae hampers walleye vision, adding to ecological concerns

08/27/18 – Walleye and the fish they eat struggle to see in water clouded by algae, and that could potentially jeopardize the species’ future if harmful algal blooms persist, according to a new study by Ohio State experts. Read more.

Algal blooms a threat to small lakes and ponds, too

08/23/18 – Harmful algae isn’t just a problem for high-profile bodies of water – it poses serious, toxic threats in small ponds and lakes as well, new research has found. A team of researchers from Ohio State examined water samples from two dozen ponds and small lakes in rural Ohio and found plenty of cause for concern, with particularly high levels of toxins at one lake. Read more.

Lal Receives Medal of Honour

08/20/18 – Rattan Lal, Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science, received a Medal of Honour from the Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo. Read more.

New faculty spotlight: Shamsul Arafin

08/15/18 – Arafin joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to help advance Ohio State’s Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability (M&MS) Discovery Theme. Read more.

Ohio State team helps map the Arctic like never before

08/13/18 – Researchers at Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center are creating the high-quality maps, which could help track geographic changes in the area. Read more.

​Students Examine Response to Energy, Infrastructure Changes

08/06/18 – Three Ohio State doctoral students furthered their educational experiences by attending sustainability-related conferences with financial support from the Sustainability Institute of Ohio State. Read more.

​School of Environment and Natural Resources Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

08/06/18 – Nicholas Basta, David Hix and Roger Williams received the 2018 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Educator Award at the NACTA annual meeting in June. Read more.

Ian Howat named director of Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

08/06/18 – Ian Howat, professor in the School of Earth Sciences, has been named director of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC). Read more.

To be the force it could be in sustainability, academia needs to build bridges faster

07/25/18 – Academic institutions have the opportunity to play a far bigger and much-needed part in helping society solve global sustainability challenges, according to Ohio State University researcher Elena Irwin and her colleagues. Read more.

Getting to know the microbes that drive climate change

07/16/18 – A new understanding of the microbes and viruses in the thawing permafrost in Sweden may help scientists better predict the pace of climate change. Read more.

One year later: Ohio State energy partnership benefiting campus, students

07/12/18 – It has been one year since The Ohio State University entered into a 50-year partnership to improve the university’s energy management and sustainability. And the agreement is already leading to a brighter campus and brighter students. Read more.

Ohio State Tour to Highlight Columbus’ Growing Urban Agriculture Industry

07/05/18 – OSU Extension’s Franklin County office, along with the Columbus Urban Farmers Network, will host a free, public tour of five urban farms this summer to highlight the work urban farmers are doing and to educate consumers on the possibilities of urban farming. Read more.

Energy Department Funds Ohio State Biomass Research

07/02/18 – The team will develop processes that use microorganisms to convert biomass and CO2 into high yields of ethylene and propylene. Over 200 million tons of these compounds are required annually for the production of plastics. Read more.