Research News

Beech Trees are Dying, and Nobody’s Sure Why

01/09/19 – Intense effort underway to find culprit behind rapid disease spread that is killing beech trees in Ohio and elsewhere, and plant scientists are sounding an alarm while looking for an explanation. Read more.

Nightlights for Stream Dwellers? No, Thanks

01/07/19 – Artificial light at night isn’t just a health problem for those of us sitting in bed scrolling through Instagram instead of hitting the sack — it hurts entire outdoor ecosystems. When the critters that live in and around streams and wetlands are settling into their nighttime routines, streetlights and other sources of illumination filter down through the trees and into their habitat, monkeying with their normal routine, according to new research from The Ohio State University. Read more.

Researchers Unveil Climate Change Action Plan for Columbus

12/18/18 – A task force led by researchers at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) at The Ohio State University has released its final list of 43 recommended actions that can be taken to help central Ohio prepare for climate change. Read more.

Building a Better Weapon Against Harmful Algal Blooms

12/18/18 – Predicting and pinpointing which farming practices are most likely to protect against environmental harm is a complex proposition, and researchers at The Ohio State University are working to fine-tune the tools that could help farmers and others prevent harmful algal blooms. Read more.

Two Research Scientists Are Awarded National Science Foundation Grant to Study Nanoparticles in the Antarctic Ice

12/18/18 – Two research scientists are awarded the National Science Foundation grant to study extremely small atmospheric particles (100 to 1000x smaller than the diameter of a human hair) called nanoparticles and to establish their presence in the atmosphere and how they are impacting humans today. Read more.

New Study Will Track How Trade Wars Affect the Midwest

12/18/18 – ​A team of researchers, who first proposed studying the effect that a global trade war could have on the Midwest, never imagined one would be underway as they conducted their research. As the trade war has played out this year, the team has seen some of the what-if scenarios come to life.​ Read more.

Real vs. Artificial: Which Tree Is More Sustainable?

12/10/18 – When it comes to Christmas trees, a real tree, surprisingly, isn’t always the greenest choice. There are multiple factors that go into deciding which is the best for your holiday. Read more.

CFAES Scientist Honored on World Soil Day

12/06/18 – As Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), Rattan Lal has spent his career working to find the answers to the world's soil problems. Along the way, he’s gained a global reputation for his research and advocacy on soil-related matters along with multiple honors and awards. Read more.

Machine Learning Helps Predict Worldwide Plant-Conservation Priorities

12/06/18 – A new approach co-developed at The Ohio State University uses data analytics and machine learning to predict the conservation status of more than 150,000 plants worldwide. The approach will allow conservationists and researchers to identify the species most at risk, and also to pinpoint the geographic areas where those species are highly concentrated. Read more.

Dirty air now could harm hearts of offspring later

12/05/18 – An Ohio State study in mice is the first to suggest pollution’s dangers can be passed on. Read more.

Utility customers overestimate cost savings with energy-conservation plans

12/03/18 – Nicole Sintov, assistant professor of behavior, decision making and sustainability created a new study looking at deciding whether to participate in programs designed to conserve energy during peak hours, consumers appear to rely more on their intuition about how much money they’re saving rather than on proof their bills are smaller. Read more.

Deadline Extended: Ohio State Energy Partners Smart Campus Challenge

12/03/18 – Students: Think you've got the fix for a campus sustainability problem? Pitch your next big idea and for a chance to get your dream project funded — all while positively impacting campus. Read more.

High School Students Join Ohio State Professors in Citizen Science Project

12/03/18 – Hilliard Davidson High School seniors are working with professors Andy May and Ayaz Hyder to build air quality monitors and place them on their school district buildings. Read more.

2018 National Ground Water Association's John Hem Award

11/28/18 – Tom Darrah, professor in the School of Earth Sciences and associate director of CERTAIN, was recently named the recipient of the 2018 NGWA John Hem Award. Read more.

"Weather" you like it or not, we can better manage climate and nutrients with technology like the new FARM App

11/26/18 – For the past 10 years, Ohioans and others across the country have experienced intense, extreme weather patterns and climate shifts. Whether we like it or not, we need to prepare for and adjust to it. This not only affects our attitudes, but also hits us at the ground level. How can farmers plan financially for variables like applying nutrients to their crops? Introducing: the FARM App Read more.

The Mountain Drone Team: Connecting People with Science

11/26/18 – The Byrd Center's Mountain Drone Team is engineering the first, custom-built, unmanned aerial system capable of 3D laser-mapping in high-mountain environments. This project brings together Ohio State graduate and undergraduate students from science, technology, and engineering programs to investigate how climate change impacts public health. Read more.

Landscape Faculty/Student Design Collaboration Leads to Possible Patent

11/26/18 – What began as a prototype system to reduce harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie, Toledo is now in review for a full utility patent from the U.S. patent office. Learn more about this collaborative design project by Assistant Professor Jake Boswell and recent grad Marty Koelsch (BSLA '18). Read more.

Ohio State Selects Two Scholars for President’s Prize

11/26/18 – A senior student's idea for reducing Central Ohio landfill waste earned him the President’s Prize, the highest university recognition bestowed on exceptional students committed to social change. Read more.

Flowing in a New Direction: Working to improve water quality and connect students to science

11/20/18 – A group of Buckeye engineers were surrounded by 56 enthusiastic eighth-graders as they measured water outflow by simulating what would happen during a heavy rainfall. The event was the culmination of a month-long outreach project focused on eco-friendly stormwater management. Read more.

New Study Will Track Ways to Cut Runoff from Elevated Phosphorus Fields

11/13/18 – Some farm fields in northwest Ohio’s Maumee River watershed may be at higher risk of contributing to Lake Erie’s harmful algal blooms. That’s the premise of a new five-year study that hopes to learn about those fields and lower their risk by creating new public-private partnerships. Read more.