Resources for Faculty

The Office of Energy and Environment offers resources for the more than 400 Ohio State faculty members and researchers in energy and related environmental fields. We can assist you in the following areas:


  • Office of Energy and Environment seed funding for large, interdisciplinary research proposals
  • Funding for sustainability projects across campus
  • Separate funding opportunities for students; faculty assistance required
  • Strategic assistance with interdisciplinary research funding proposals


  • University-wide database for faculty and researchers involved in energy and related environmental fields (Changes to the database should be directed to Joan Slattery Wall.)
  • Knowledge of potential internal and external collaborators
  • Assistance with business and industry partnership development for interdisciplinary research funding proposals
  • Connections to state and federal policy makers (Contact: Kate Bartter)

Partner Organizations

OEE maintains membership in specific organizations that support our mission. Faculty can make use of these organization memberships to attend conferences, seek collaboration opportunities, and promote research.

Research Tools


  • Publicity for significant research accomplishments via media relations, OEE website and social media, and communication with the university community
  • Organization and promotion of Ohio State energy and environment conferences and seminars
  • Internal communications to the Ohio State energy and environment community via e-newsletters
  • Videoconferencing capabilities at our office space in Smith Lab

Outreach to Students

Please direct questions regarding Office of Energy and Environment faculty resources to

Other University Resources