Signs of progress emerge as construction continues in historic Mirror Lake District

Construction cones and chain link fences may obscure some of the view of the historic Mirror Lake District , but the pace of progress is moving fast at the iconic setting on The Ohio State University campus.

“Most of the major demolition work is done. The next piece is to get the utilities in place. That includes sewer and electricity,” said University Landscape Architect Steve Volkmann.

Construction crews working on Mirror Lake have removed most of the concrete and stone liner that formed the base of the lake. Landscaping has been pared back and walkways have been cleared. The new design calls for a more natural and sustainable setting.

With a focus on safety and sustainability, the new Mirror Lake will have more plants and flowers around the edges of the water and a gradual slope into the lake. The design will help students and faculty use one of the most popular settings on campus as a learning lab.

Normal weather conditions have helped keep the project on schedule with a summer 2018 completion date expected.

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