University launches sustainability and energy innovation partnership

The university’s Comprehensive Energy Management Project officially launched on July 6. Approved by the Board of Trustees in April, it will improve Ohio State’s energy efficiency while advancing the next generation of sustainable energy solutions. In the first 10 years, energy efficiency on the Columbus campus will improve by at least 25 percent.

On July 6, the university transferred management of the central systems that heat, cool and power the Columbus campus to ENGIE Services, which will operate these systems on behalf of Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP).

OSEP is made up of ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure, companies that are world leaders in energy services and sustainability.

“This innovative public-private partnership will help us reach our long-term sustainability goals for energy and represents the largest single investment in Ohio State’s academic mission in our history,” said President Michael V. Drake.

The 50-year partnership has a total value of $1.165 billion, including a $1.015 upfront payment to the university and a $150 million commitment to support academics in specific areas requested by students, faculty and staff during the bidding process.

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