Welcome to the Ohio State Office of Energy and Environment

PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Energy and Environment and the Sustainable and Resilient Economy Program have merged to become the SUSTAINABILITY INSTITUTE AT OHIO STATE. Visit the Sustainability Institute at si.osu.edu.

The Ohio State University is dedicated to advancing education, research and innovation for energy and the environment, emphasizing how those needs can be met sustainably. The Office of Energy and Environment uses a comprehensive systems approach to engage students, faculty and communities throughout Ohio by addressing how we all can participate in the exciting innovations occurring in energy and environment.

OEE integrates systems that support and lead sustainability issues at Ohio State as they relate to academics, research, campus operations and outreach and engagement consistent with public policy and Ohio State's land-grant mission. Expertise relative to sustainable energy and environment issues exists in many segments of our campus, and we work with faculty to introduce these issues into the academic curriculum. We enhance and promote groundbreaking research conducted in our laboratories across campus, Ohio and beyond. Impacting policy is also a major focus — we advise and promote sensible energy solutions at the local, state and national levels.

The campus itself is integral to our mission’s success. We have established Ohio State as a leader among sustainable campuses through various initiatives, including the installation of geothermal energy sources, development of a Climate Action Plan, and enactment of a Green Build and Energy Policy to guide all new construction and renovation projects. Additionally, our “Campus as a Test Bed” concept provides the university as a resource for testing and improving new technology for industry; helping faculty members find resources to support their ideas; and fulfilling the needs of students completing their education and research.

Ohio State stands out among our country’s top research universities in the breadth, scope and excellence of our research programs, making the university a leading force of innovation and change locally, nationally and globally. In fact, the university’s three research discovery themes of Energy and Environment, Health and Wellness, and Food Production and Security support our land-grant mission and provide a focus to direct the university to find durable solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.