Wetland plant training is the newest addition to skill-enhancing workshops at Ohio State’s Stone Lab

Job seekers, working professionals and hobbyists can gain valuable skills by enrolling in workshops at Stone Laboratory, The Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie.

New this year are three wetland plant workshops, held back-to-back August 15-17, which are ideal for those who work in or are seeking work in botanical or wetland fields, such as the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or environmental consulting companies. Day one of the workshop focuses on submerged and floating plants, while day two discusses characteristics and differences of Lake Erie Island wetland plants. Day three introduces participants to the Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity for wetlands in Ohio, a tool used by agency personnel to assess wetland quality.

All three days are field-based workshops; lectures and labs take place in classrooms at the Kelleys Island Field Station, while field trips are planned to various preserves on Kelleys Island. The workshops are being led by Dr. James Bissell, curator of botany and director of natural areas at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

“It’s geared toward hands-on, in-the-field experience and it’s a great chance to learn about wetland plants, submerged aquatics and field techniques from an expert,” said Lisa Kutschbach-Brohl, chair of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, who is assisting Bissell.

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